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Welcome to Igyfit 24/7 Gym
Igyfit 24/7 Gym is the first of its kind! Offering private access 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with the added bonus that you can take up to two friends with you when you workout.

The reason behind the idea
I have visited many gyms in the last few years and even though I have seen some great looking equipment and have witnessed some fantastic trainers and gym inductors in these gyms, but they are all missing one thing.. Private areas for people who are not confident of their shape, size, age or their fitness levels, making them feel like they need to workout alone.  I believe we should encourage all people to workout, not just the ones that are comfortable training with others.

How it works
Igyfit 24/7 Gym has a state of the art door entry system, allowing us to control the door to suit the time slots available to you the user booking their session, this means that the door remains closed to all other users apart from the individual/s who have booked and paid to use the gym.

The costs
We have tried to keep our costs down so as to encourage people to workout and have also added various discount options to try and help people save even more!
There is a variety of free weight equipment to suit all people and exercises, including some modern kit that would not be found in conventional gyms. We also have a top of the range treadmill and rower for cardiovascular work and a weight station for the heavy trainer.
One off gym session (peak) £6
One off gym session (off peak) £4
Cancellation within 12 hours of booked session will be charged at session rate.

Monthly cash membership £35

Rolling direct debit monthly membership £33*

6 monthly payment membership £180*

12 monthly payment membership £300*

£20 Induction and consultation
(All to be paid in advance and after an induction and consultation)

Extras benefits for* only.
Body composite test - £5 (Saving £5)
Nutrition plan - £15 (saving £10)
Exercise plan - £15 (saving £10)

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