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Hello my name is Kelly. I live at Kealrise which is in Hawkcombe, Porlock. You can find me, my family and the items we sell on the much loved walk around the horseshoe in Porlock just up past the recreation ground. 

We sell an assortment of goods that are ready and available to purchase from our shop outside our house, we also undertake custom projects and crafts. 

Free range eggs

Be it from Gertrude, Cynthia or Henrietta these eggs are free range and travel only a few yards from hen to you.

Bags of kindling

Prepared and bagged on our land before reaching our doorstep ready for you to collect.

Bags of seasoned logs

Our seasoned logs are carefully chosen from timber felled and managed sustainably on site.

Walking maps

Walking maps of Porlock and the surrounding areas for you to enjoy...
...walking boots not included!

Chicken manure and compost

Our chicken compost has been mixed and matured over 18 months.
We also have "fresh" chicken manure for sale.

Custom projects and crafts

Picnic benches of all shapes and sizes, including the very popular folding picnic table. Candle holders, key hooks, rustic shelves and much more.

We also have the capability to personalise all wooden products with the use of pyrography. For more information contact us through: [email protected]